Control Systems

I/O Systems, Distributed I/O on open fieldbuses

SCADA Systems

Industrial PCs

Operator Interface

Safety Technology

Motion Control

Industrial Networking /EPL/ & Fieldbus modules

Industrial  Software

Process Control, Factory Automation


Control Boxes















Drive systems  



Control Systems  PLC




















Servo systems  


Industrial IPC


Operator Stations







Integrated solutions :

PLC + Servo drives + Visualization + Programming , from B&R


PLCs for the packaging, plastics, printing and paper, textile, automotive, food and beverage, semiconductor, wood, metal and mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil an gas,  process automation, robotics, power generation.


System Integration with components of B&R / Baumer electric / Baumueller Nuernberg /Lenze / Norgren / ABB / Omron / Phoenix Contact / Scneider electric / Siemens /    WEG / WAGO / RITTAL / PILZ /

Safety technology by  B&R  and PILZ



Three-Phase Motors

Single-Phase Motors

Worm/Spur Geras

Geared Motors

DC – Motors

Electromagnetic Brakes



When ordering motors, the

following data is required /Ordering data/ :

 type  /   voltage  /  frequency  /  speed /  output / operating mode / protection / mounting

 installation position

When ordering gear units, the following data is required:

 Type  / gear ratio  i =   x:y    / mounting position



SCADA   Systems

Process Control, Factory Automation

 D r i v e     s y s t e m s



 I N D U S T R I A L      S E N S O R S

                          Sensor solutions   


Inductive sensors

Photoelectric sensors

Fiber optic sensors & cables

Capacitive sensors

Magnetic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors

Encoder / Motion control

NAMUR Sensors

Magnetic  Sensors for pneumatic cylinders

Force and strain sensors

Smart vision sensors

Distance sensors

Pressure sensors

Laser sensors

Precision limit switches

AS-I , Actuator Sensor Intrface

Fork and angle sensors

Hall sensors

When ordering sensors, the following data is required  / Ordering data / :

 Dimensions / type  /   voltage  /  frequency  /  speed /  output / operating mode / protection /

mounting  installation position








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For all industries – universal  transport solutions by transnorm   ,     http://www.transnorm.com/

   Curve belt conveyor          Angled-belt
conveyor         Divert and distribution 
                                             ( merging  / diverting )         

 Vertical distributor -          Line crossovers -                 Line merging
SmartSort®                           MegaMerge

1.   Woodworking Industry:


Palletizing machines

Cutting machines

CNC Processing machines

Sanding machines

Drilling machines

Drying machines

Gluing, Milling machines, Varnishing  robots


New machines and retrofit of existing  machines /electrical control  boxes, PLC, programming, commissioning , mechanic, pneumatic /

/ See the pictures ! /


Drying machines


Varnishing  robots



Sanding machines



Palletizing machines




2.For the metal industry

Casting                                   Milling

Die-casting                            Turning

Welding                                 Grinding

Cutting                                   Robotics

Bending                                 CNC


/ See the pictures ! /

Welding   robots      


Grinding   machines


Bending  , with robots







Bending /pipe, wire/                                





3.For the plastic  industry


Extrusion machines

Winding  machines

Blow molding machines

Pressing and molding machines

Thermoforming machines


New machines production / system integration, delivering, commissioning,  as well as  retrofit of existing  machines /electrical control  boxes, PLC, programming, commissioning , mechanic, pneumatic /


/ See the pictures ! /



Extrusion machines



Pressing and molding machines


Dosing unit



Winding  machines





4.For the packaging industry


Forming & Filling                        Sealing

Filling & Dosing                             Blister Packaging

Labeling                                        Wrapping

      Cartoning & Palletizing


Filling & Dosing



Cartoning & Palletizing





Blister Packaging



Forming & Filling                       



New machines system integration and production, delivering, commissioning,  as well as  retrofit of existing  machines /electrical control  boxes, PLC, programming, commissioning , mechanic, pneumatic /





5.Solutions for the Printing industry

Web-fed offset printing  

Sheet-fed offset printing

Product printing

Packaging of printed products


Inserting and gluing

Conveying and storing

Addressing , Stacking


A. New machines system integration and production, delivering, commissioning.

B. Retrofit of existing old  printing machines /electrical control  boxes, PLC, programming,  

    commissioning , mechanic, pneumatic /


Customer’s  reference list


Computer to plate

  • High level of positioning precision
  • High level of synchronization
  • Highest resolution


Web-fed printing

  • High level of synchronization performance
  • Highly precise angular resolution
  • Flexible grouping of printing units



  • Tension control roller for force measurement
  • Dancer position control
  • Mass inertia compensation



Conveying and storing

  • Sheet flow systems
  • Cyclic conveyor systems
  • Product tracking
  • Winding technology
  • Log stacking




Stacking and palletizing

  • Highest level of precision for storage
  • Products are stored in a gentle manner
  • Any type can be selected
  • Synchronization with outlet conveyor
  • Short cycle times




Inserting and gluing

  • Insert individualization
  • Product tracking
  • Dynamic configuration of the machine software
  • Fast and highly precise thickness measurement
  • Online quality Check





Register control

  • Longitudinal and side register control
  • Minimal waste
  • Sensor signal processing
  • Effective diagnosis through complete integration









       6. ENERGY

 Transformators 110 kV/20kV/0,4 kV   ,      Transformator stations,  Remote control




Control boxes / Power factor correction system  / cos Fi  regulators





 Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries & Enclosures,

 Charge Controllers, Monitor & Meters, Wire and Connectors

 Mounting, Commisioning









It is a general transfer system. Belt is choosen ( PVC, rubber, PU, Teflon, Plastic Modular Belt) according to product features which will be conveyed and belt is used on aluminium or steel construction and convey the products. Driving is made with motor reductor with chain transfer or direct couple wheel axle. For special application it can transfer the product as inclined. In case of gliding of products can be putted profiles

and product can be conveyed as diagonal.





Roller Conveyor is produced according to using purpose as rubber covered and galvenized covered. Usually produced as aluminium construction but also produced according to demands as colored steel construction. With transmission chain or with belt which rubbed from the bottom side, action conveyed to roller by motor An ideal conveyor system for cardboard or styrofoam packs transportation and assembly lines where the

smooth bottom surface products are conveyed. Speed can be adjustment if different belt speed demands by frequency  inverter. Product can be stopped in any requested point in according to distance of product with pneumatic stoppers by accumulation system. To take advantage of  distance of the rollers can be putted 90° transfer unit or turning units inside.



It is a system which allows to product or pallet to turns in demanded angle. Product with pallet goes up from the Conveyor as pneumatic , It is turned as automatic or manual with 90° - 180°- 270° - 360° angle. All of this process will be made as PLC or operator control according to automation.



These type of the systems are used to direct the product flow on lines 90° left or right and can be integrated to conveyors . It is manufactured

according to the load with power transmission belts or chains. The unit is lifted 50 mm pneumatically and transfered 90 ° vertically to the conveyor in which the the unit is mounted.



Due to increasing customer demands to satisfy the necessity the robotic systems are developed GSEA Company is so pretentious about maniplators designs and production for different deprivations. These applications are especially for the finished product transfer without manuel in order to put in packing cartoons or styrofoam or in order to provide automatic consolidation of two different product groups.



Pallet conveyors are prefered with acetal pallets due to their quiet working in damp and watery enviroments, they are prefered with stainless steel pallets in hot material outputs. Pallets can be manufactured from 24 mm. to 304 mm. in width and can be produced straight , horizontal and radius with flexible dimensions. Pallets can be multi row side by side. Chassis can be stainless steel or painted steel.; metal equipments can be galvanised due to intended use. According to customers demands constant velocity or variable velocity motor can be used.



Altough elevators have similar mechanical features, they can have differences due to intended use. Usually they are used to convey end products to storage. Besides they can be used to bring the product up and down on a platform. They work with counterpoise system. It is driven by motor with carrier chain. Up and down movement of the elevator can be obtained by the means of bidirectional work of the motor.





8. For all industries – small universal  cars, electric drive,

    hydraulic functions, for loading     and unloading operations





9. For all industries -  FREQUENCY INVERTERS





10. For all industries -  Application Software  

SQL server and programming: MS SQL Server (T-SQL, Administration), Oracle

(plsql, administration), OS: Windows 2003 and 2008 (installation and administration)

Programming languages, tools and technology: VB, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS, Ajax, .NET Framework, MS Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

IT-Security Systems-Software, Instalation, Training , by www.infoprocess.com.au   and PACOM, AUSTRALIA


Web Servers, SQL Servers , Web Applications, Electronic Document Management Systems, ERP, Electronic Banking and System Integration


Certified by:





-         SCHEIDER ELECTRIC Modicon


-         FESTO/SKF

-         MICROSOFT

-         UNIX / LINUX / C++


Customers in Bulgaria :

Printing house Demax

Printing house Rotopress

Printing house BNB

Printing house Sofia

Printing house Varna

Printing house Exprint

Printing house PrintEx







AUTOMATION SOFTWARE :  Automation Studio by B&R

Programming, Remote Diagnostics On-Line

Software from Siemens  : Simatic STEP7/ STEP5/

Software from Scnheider:  PL7

Industrial Networks with Ethernet POWERLINK,




Die Firma  ”GEORGI SIMEONOW - ELEKTROTECHNIK UND AUTOMATION” ist im Jahr 2001 gegruendet.
Im Anfang waren wir mit Instalation und Reparatur der Maschinen in Druckindustrie beschaeftigt, so genannten Rollen-Offset Druckmaschinen, die vom Fa. MAN Roland, Augsburg hergestellt sind. 
Auch wurde von uns die Instalation/Inbetriebnahme der Anlagen der Fa. Mueller Martini, Schweiz durchgefuehrt. Gute Kentnisse und Erfarung haben fuer die Anlagen der Fa. Von Roll, Schweiz, die in Sofia, Bulgarien im Jahr 1996 Transportsysteme fuer Papierrollen instaliert hat

Weiter ist die Firmentaetigkeit im Ende Jahr 2005 stark entwickelt. Jetzt haben wir Vertraege zur Reparatur/Inbetribnahme der Maschine, die im Bereich Glassverarbeitung und Metallverarbeitung produzieren. Auch realisieren wir neue Automatisierungsprojekte in dieser Firmen auf Basis neue Steuerungen von Siemens und Schneider electric.
Zusammenfassung :
Wir haben 7-jaehrige Erfahrung im Industriebereich : Wartung der Glassverarbeitungsmaschinen, Metalverarbeitungsmaschinen, Rollen- und Boggen - Offset Druckmaschinen fuer Zeitungen / Zeitschriften/ Broschueren ,wieso andere damit verbundene Anlagen ausgeruestet, mit verschiedenen Antriebslösungen und erstellt von mehreren Lieferanten. Das sind Maschinen mit modernen Steuerungen,z.B. Industrierechner, PLCs, Computernetz Ethernet / ARCNET, die neuesten , sowie Hoheleistungsmotoren (ueber 100kW), steuerbar und ueberwacht durch Interbus-/Feldbus-Technologie, mit hoher Leistung und Produktionsgeschwindigkeit.

Im Laufe der Zeit haben wir an mehreren Schulungen teilgenohmen : 
Antriebstechnik, Frequenzumrichter, Gleichrichter, PLCs (Automatisierungsgeraete), Pneumatik, mechanische und elektrische Einstellungen , Grundpositionen, Synchronisierung, Rückmeldungen, Gescwindigkeitanpassung, Überwachung.

Unsere Computerkentnisse - Softwareinstalation, Hardware, INTERNET, USV, Betriebssysteme und Anwendungsprogramme sind auch auf einem hohen Niveau.
Viele verschiedene Störungen wurden in diesen 7 Jahren erfolgreich beseitigt (evtl. mit On-Line Telefon-Konsultation von Serviceamt bei dem Hersteller, meistens im Ausland - Deutschland, die Schweiz), mehrere Verbesserungen in Produktionsart aller Maschinen und Projekten wurden realisiert und deshalb sind wir der Meinung, dass es in unserer Kompetenz ist, auch mit Ihre sehr präzisen und modernen Elektronische Komponenten in verschidene Projekte am Ort zu realisieren , sowie Konsultation, Inbetriebnahme, Programierung und Wartungarbeiten in Bulgarien zu organisiren.

In Bezug auf Personal sind folgende Spezialisten vorhanden :

Elektriker – 2 Personen 
Elektroniker – 2 Personen 
Mechaniker –1 Personen 
Projektleiter – 1 Spezialist 
Technischer Leiter – 1 Person 
Software und EDV-Spezialist – 1 Spezialist 
WEB-Master – 1 Spezialist 
Einkauf , Logistics - 1 Person

Insgesammt sind momentan 10 Mitarbeiter in der Fa. eingestellt.

Folgende Zertifikaten sind vorhanden :
- Urkunde MAN ROLAND Druckmaschinen AG Augsburg
- Zertifikat Müller Martini Versandsysteme - Schwitzerland, Zofingen 
- Zertifikat SIMATIC S5 - SIEMENS AG 
- Zertifikat SCHNEIDER Electric MODICON TSX Steuerungen 
- Urkunde FESTO – Pneumatik 
- SKF Lager - Urkunde auf Bulgarisch

Reference :

· MAN ROLAND - Augsburg, Deutschland
· MUELLER MARTINI - Zofingen, die Schweiz 
· BAUMER ELECTRIC - Frauenfeld, die Schweiz
· TECHNOTRANS - Augsburg, Deutschland



  D-83714 Miesbach

  Badstraße 21a, Germany